The Subject Interrupted is a form of inquiry to decipher, understand, or complicate a current condition of being in the world. This process is initiated from the state of distance and displacement that becomes constitutive to the subject herself, but also the subject of inquiry for and in itself.

How does distance write itself within the subject, how is it embodied and performed? In a global world defined by vast mobility of people, “home” becomes a constructed idea rather than a real place. It is a mobile concept that travels with us subject to multiple revisions and reconstructions, a concept displaced as much as we are. Split between the memory of a lost home and the longing for a new one, the subject finds herself in a continuous state of unsettledness.
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The condition of belonging to a place sits in the realm of the wishful. With the blurring differences between global cities and the awareness that a “nation” is nothing but a fictional construct, do we ever belong to a place or aren’t we all foreigners?

Such a position of displacement is a figure of thought to engage with artistic practices and explore how they articulate within and outside institutions or within the locations and settings where the programme manifests itself. FormContent conceives distance as a moment of interruption, an external and internal force. Images might be projected from afar, memories set in the future, alienation and intimacy applied as senses, all articulations that define the environment of The Subject Interrupted.

The Subject Interrupted manifests itself through three main strands of programming — Encounters Leave Traces, Behavioural Attitudes and A Foreign Romance. 

A Foreign Romance

The state of doubt that comes with breaking routines and leaving things behind highlights the position of each subject in relation to the work, the practice and the institution.

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Encounters Leave Traces

Structured as a nomadic program encompassing exhibitions and public events, Encounters leave traces engages with the emergence and articulation of artistic subjectivity within various environments.

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Behavioural Attitudes

Encompassing a trajectory of different events ranging from lectures, round-table discussions, reading groups, performances, workshops and more, Behavioural attitudes sets the rhythm, as well as the tone of our research and actions.

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What is FormContent?

FormContent is a curatorial initiative founded in 2007 by Pieternel Vermoortel, Francesco Pedraglio and Caterina Riva in London. It was established with the intent of experimenting with exhibition formats and fostering collaborations that challenge artistic and curatorial roles.

FormContent’s practice spans from exhibition making to independent publishing, commissioning new works and the production of events and performances. Operating as a chameleonic entity, over the years FormContent has been rethinking its own structure from one program to the next and is currently extending its presence from London to Vienna and other parts of the world.

FormContent is now run by Pieternel Vermoortel and Anca Rujoiu with curators Bianca Baroni and Ashlee Conery.

A special thank you to all our past and current partners, collaborators and supporters:

Art in General (NY), Beirut (Cairo), British Arts Council, Brukenthal National Museum, CCA Derry-Londonderry (Derry), CIRCA Projects (Newcastle), David Roberts Art Foundation (London), Eastside Projects (Birmingham), Elisa Platteau Gallery (Brussels), GAM (Turin), Goldsmiths College University of London, Henry Moore Foundation (London), Hollybush Gardens (London), ICA Singapore, If I Can’t Dance I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution (Amsterdam), Jupiter Woods (London), Kunsthalle Lissabon (Lisbon), Le Salon (Brussels), Mousse Magazine, South London Gallery (London), Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation, Spike Island (Bristol), Tate Modern (London), Tebeac (Ghent), The Contemporary Art Gallery (Sibiu, Romania); and many many others! Show all

We would like to thank the members of our Board:

Andrea Phillips (PARSE Professor of Art and Head of Research at the Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg)
Vincent Honoré (David Roberts Art Foundation)

Become a supporter —

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It’s moving from I to It

by FormContent

At times documentation, at times artists’ book, the publication brings together a body of original documents and commissioned texts actively mirroring the process and the questions that organically developed into It’s moving from I to It as we know it today.

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The young people visiting our ruins see nothing but a style

by FormContent at GAM

Texts by FormContent, Elena Volpato, Jan Debbaut + colour poster. A catalogue accompanying an exhibition of the same name at the GAM (Galleria Arte Moderne) in Turin in 2009.

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Der Themenkatalog

by Reto Pulfer

Artist’s book with 132 colour reproductions of Reto Pulfer's work. Edited by Francesco Pedraglio and Reto Pulfer.

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Aphrodite’s Left Turn

by Samuel Dowd

Screenplay conceived by Samuel Dowd and co-written with Rebecca Bligh, Ben Cain, NaoKo TakaHashi and Isabel Waidner. Published in 2011.

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The Responsive Subject

by FormContent

A publication produced in relation to the homonymous exhibition that took place at MuZee (Ostend, BE), that presented the work of Belgium artist Guy Mees (1935—2003) in relation to works by Gyan Panchal, Ian Kiaer and João Gusmão & Pedro Paiva.

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FormContent Bag

by FormContent

Canvas bag, available in green/white or white cotton. Conceived by artist Maria Taniguchi. Available free with a FormContent friendship subscription.

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Untitled (Pureblood)

by Patrizio Di Massimo

Edition of 20 photographs, signed on the back by the artist. Published in 2008.

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We are now working nomadically.

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FormContent is:

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Anca Rujoiu

Pieternel Vermoortel
Founder and Director