A Faraway Rendez-vous

Encounters Leave Traces

Curated by FormContent
Featuring Sarah Duffy, Sion Parkinson and Marie Lund with Louis Scherfig and Frederik Worm

SixtyEight Art Institute
Valkendorfsgade 11, 1151

Opening Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of August, 5pm – 9pm

With Performances by Sion Parkinson and Sarah Duffy

Exhibition runs August 28th – September 24th 2016


Voices born from the fantasy of a rendez-vous yet to come are now inhabiting the space. They reverberate while attempting to navigate the traces of their own production. Materiality is only suggested, whispered, presence is stretched across remote territories of anticipation and inhibition. Who am I to be setting the conditions in which we might fall in love?

For the present project FormContent invites three artists to imagine the exhibition as a place of a romantic rendez-vous. Departing from the desire to engage with SixtyEight’s programming format – which often brings together Danish and International practitioners with the intent of instigating a dialogue across different contexts and discourses – FormContent proposes to think the encounter among different practices as an act of intimate discovery.

As FormContent sets out an imaginative framework to envision artistic practices as bodies coming together and enacting a fantasy on common ground, each artist develops a proposition that differently explores concepts of love and intimacy, possession and communion, desire and reciprocity. Through various conversations and exchanges, in the past months FormContent has worked with each artist to articulate the idea of two (or more) potential lovers, most likely strangers, meeting each other in the space of a room, in a foreign city. Like in the most obvious filmic/literary cliché, they briefly share the territory of their gathering, exploring one another voraciously, trying to get the most out of their brief togetherness…they enter a space of reciprocity. However a subtle tension is still present. A friction between their desire to let go to someone else’s embrace and their will to resist and hold control over the other, an indissoluble discrepancy between the dislocation of a fantasy and the fusion of a physical encounter.

The conditions of the rendez-vous – the location, the discursive and physical infrastructure in place, the dissonance between ideas of intimacy and dislocation – define the nature of the encounter between the artists, the artists and the work, the performative acts and the exhibition.