Practice of Attention of The Order of the Third Bird

Behavioural Attitudes

Dear friend,

I hope you will accept this invitation to an informal salon hosted on a Saturday afternoon in Vienna. It is a small scale session with only about 6 participants.

This session is part of a series of Behavioural attitudes. They are the engine of our current programme, an attempt to explore and practice the rhythms and routines that structure the way we work, we look at art or we take care of it. This time, we let ourselves be driven by Estar(Ser), a private community of thinkers, artists, researchers gathered together to reveal the histories of The Order of the Third Bird.

Within a closed session, one Ambassadorial representative from Estar(Ser) will introduce us directly to the Order’s attentional practices. Constituted of a series of protocols, the current practice of the Order is a performative and collective ritual of sustained “attention” to artworks.

“The number of accumulated works of art in the world now exceeds the number of persons on the planet. If each of these human artifacts can be understood as a reified request for attention, the nature and scale of the problem immediately becomes apparent. The Order of the Third Bird—an association of like-minded individuals (together with an intimate penumbra of splitters and apostates) who work at the convergence of performance and aesthetic theory—have devoted themselves to this overwhelming cause.”

While the Ambassadorial representative will provide us an overview into the history of the Order, we will be introduced and practice together some of the protocols with a focus on a chosen artwork in the city of Vienna. This practice of attention can be applied in future towards other artworks. By the end of the session, hopefully we will develop a specific behavioural attitude that can be further carried within us.

I hope you can join and a practice of attention together.


The Subject Interrupted



ESTAR(SER): The Esthetical Society for Transcendental and Applied Realization is an established body of private, independent scholars who work collectively to recover, scrutinize, and (where relevant) draw attention to the historicity of the Order of the Third Bird.